Blackjack Atlantic City

Blackjack Atlantic City

Object of the game

The objective in Blackjack Atlantic City is to get a set of cards that have a value equal to or close to 21, without exceeding 21, and that are better than the dealer’s. The closer you are to 21, the more likely you are to win. The closer you are to 21, the more likely the dealer is to win, and the closer you are to 21, the more likely you are to bust. It’s all about finding the balance.

How to play Blackjack Atlantic City

In this free online game you must try to make blackjack, which is to get a fair score of 21 by adding up the ratios of the cards in your hand. The mechanics are the same as European blackjack but with a few changes. You can stand early and take what you have without reaching 21, but it must at least be close to 21, as your hand must then be higher than the dealer’s to win. There is also the option to surrender, which gives you a minimal return on your bet.

The dealer deals two cards to himself and the player. One of his will be face up and the other face down. At this point the game becomes a head-to-head, with the winner being the player who accumulates 21 fairs or comes closest to that number without going over. The player can ask to be dealt another card as many times as he/she wants until he/she reaches 21 or goes over. If the dealer plays his hand and also makes 21, the game is a draw.

Bets are placed at the start of the game, before the cards are dealt, with the chips at the bottom of the screen. The player may place as many chips as he/she wishes as long as he/she does not exceed the limits. These are indicated at the top of the screen on the min and max marker.

The player starts at one game position and more will be activated once it is decided to split the game. At the top of the screen are the dealer’s cards, the chip box and the deck from which the cards are dealt. There will also be an automatic counter next to the user’s cards, so that the user can see the sum of his hand.

Alongside all this, there are several buttons on the game screen.

These are:

  • Deal: Deal the first two cards to both the player and the dealer.
  • Surrender: Executes the surrender option and ends the hand automatically.
  • Hit: Requests a new additional card to be dealt to the player.
  • Stand: Indicates that the player stands with what he has.
  • Double down: Doubles the player’s bet, although it is only activated on certain plays.
  • Split: Splits the hand into different bets that will count as one bet, but is only active on certain bets.
  • Cancel all bets: Removes all bets placed by the player up to that point.
  • Last bet: Rebets the last bet placed by the player.
  • Rebet & deal: Rebets the last bet placed by the player and automatically starts the game without any further bets being placed.
  • Balance: Indicates the player’s remaining chips.
  • Bet: Shows the chips wagered by the player on each hand.
  • Winnings: Displays the player’s winnings on each hand.

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