The interesting strategies for Roulette and Blackjack

The interesting strategies for Roulette and Blackjack

Roulette: The timeless classic with strategy options

We have already mentioned it briefly: If there is one game where you can win more in the online casino with strategy, it is the timeless classic roulette.

Whether as an online casino table game or in the live casino. There is hardly a new online casino that does without the offer of the game with roulette wheel and tableau. Roulette is one of the few games of chance that offers a 50% probability of winning and therefore a roulette strategy is possible.

If you take a closer look at the roulette wheel, the numbers alternate between black and red. Only the zero has a green colour. If you play in a roulette variant where the bets are returned when the zero is hit, you are playing a game of chance that offers a 50/50 probability of winning. More roulette rules elsewhere.

And a game with such a winning probability always offers the possibility of winning safely with a betting strategy. The winnings are relatively low, as you have to start with a low bet to avoid hitting the table limits (Click here for our guide to table games without limits).

The entire strategic game can be described as rather boring. But it offers the possibility of winning safely. Less high to win, but safe to win.

Pro tip: If you are, for example, one of the players who primarily play strategically on the digital machines and operate a tactic like the one we have presented, you could expand this to include roulette play with a betting strategy.

And specifically on those days when you experience a losing streak. Let’s assume that you lose continuously. In other words, today you have already gambled away $15 of your daily capacity of $20.

You assume that you will also gamble away the remaining five dollars and don’t feel like watching the machine do so. Then you could take the five dollars now and play online roulette with them.

With the betting strategy you will generate a safe small profit. With a lot of effort, you can, for example, play five dollars back in and thus minimise your daily loss.

Blackjack – still a guarantee for high winnings today

With the card classic Blackjack, the advantage on the casino side is the smallest. In casinos, the payout rates are over 98 percent. Strategically clever players take advantage of this small minus and successfully put the bank under pressure when playing.

However, the house advantage cannot be completely explained away in blackjack either. There are also strategies and tactics for winning as much as possible in online casino blackjack. You have to deal with topics such as the so-called blackjack tables.

These are strategic guidelines for which hand of cards and at the same time which dealer hand you have to proceed in which way. If you strictly adhere to this system, it offers you the possibility of actually winning big in the casino with blackjack. Provided that the stakes are correspondingly high.

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