ESport betting site: bet for free

ESport betting site: bet for free

The ESport scene is very dynamic. Some specialised – and legal – sites have started to offer bets on electronic sports. One can therefore test one’s talents as a Dota 2 predictor on a Team liquid vs Fnatic. But beware: law does not include eSport in the sports authorised for online betting. 

As for the rest, everything works on these sites like at a classic bookmaker:

  • Selection of matches and betting
  • Summary of stake and potential winnings
  • Live viewing of the match, possibility to bet during the match
  • For winning punters, pass through the rewards box to collect the winnings.

As players never bet real money – and therefore cannot lose any – the winnings are necessarily different at eSports bookmakers; you can’t expect to win hundreds of euros on a single bet. Usually, the winners benefit from goodies, merchandising, but sometimes also from real betting vouchers, denominated in €.

Free betting; a learning phase

In this developing sector, this system of free bets allows the ESport scene and the bettors to develop at their own pace. This has certain advantages:

  • Free of charge. ESport bookmakers allow you to get started and bet in eSports for free, without having to deposit money in your account.
  • Number of bets. By betting for free, you can place as many bets as you like without fear of losing money.
  • Experience. By betting more often, you will make faster progress in understanding eSports and winning betting techniques, without losing money.
  • Real wins. The best punters receive rewards and betting vouchers.

The eSports scene and its industry are still young; so are you as an ESports bettor! 🌱 While waiting for the legislator to include electronic sports in the list of 43 legal betting sports, the operators’ free offer is perfect to develop your know-how. When it’s time to bet real money in eSport, you’ll be ready to take advantage of it! Remember that in sports betting, the bettor’s experience is what makes the difference.

ESport betting: the site dedicated to betting on eSports

A bookmaker has taken the lead in offering sports betting. Paries eSport is the benchmark for betting in this segment. It is a 100% reliable player, our venerable Française des Jeux!

The bookmaker is getting a new lease of life with a selection of top level eSport disciplines, as you will see in our complete review dedicated to Parions eSport. Thus, you will be able to bet on League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft, Call of Duty, and NBA2K. A very consequent choice!

Updated: Please note that at this time, the ESport Betting platform is temporarily unavailable.

Weekly eSport Betting Gifts

For the more discerning bettors, prizes and gifts are just as important. Every week, a bettors’ ranking is established with the following prizes:

  • 3rd place: 1 eSport jersey + 5 € of betting voucher
  • 2nd place: 1 eSport hoodie + 5 € voucher to be wagered
  • 1st place: 1 eSport jacket + 5 € bet voucher

You’ve seen: you can also win money with these totally free eSport bets. On Parions eSport, the €5 betting vouchers can then be used on the classic betting site Parions sport of the Française des Jeux; football, tennis, and many others. This is a nice way to combine modernity and tradition to progress for free in eSport while earning money on other pro sports. FDJ offers here a combo that would do some damage in Street Figther V. We absolutely recommend it!

ESport, online betting: how to win?

To bet intelligently in ESport, you have to understand a fundamental difference that separates it from traditional sports. ESport is a world in constant evolution where the past does not reflect the future. In traditional disciplines, it is possible to collect a large amount of data over time to refine predictions. It is also possible to take the time to get to know the best athletes and the biggest teams. World rankings are relatively stable from one season to the next.

None of this is the case in eSport! In eSport mode, online betting and historical analysis don’t mix. Everything evolves far too quickly to be able to rely on old statistics. Many factors explain this volatility:

  • Evolution of the games. Contrary to traditional sports, the “playing field” and the rules change every year in eSport, according to the new titles released and updates.
  • Short careers. Pro ESport players are very young and their careers at the highest level do not exceed two years on average. This leads to a constant renewal of the rankings.
  • Fluctuating numbers. Changes of players within the pro teams are very frequent and are made continuously, the mercato never closes.
  • Unstable teams. The professional structures that host the players are also subject to strong upheavals, in an ecosystem in perpetual evolution.

As a result, the sports bettor has to be on the lookout. The secret of success lies in reactivity, understanding the present and immediate trends. ⌛ It’s a good thing that the profoundly online nature of eSport competitions offers you a web window wide open on everything that happens there, 24 hours a day!

A world to follow 100% connected

ESport disciplines are born in an entirely digital environment, where players compete on virtual platforms. The public also follows all this via a screen most of the time. You then have the advantage of seeing all this little world evolve online. Many players even broadcast their training on streaming channels such as Twitch.

Generally speaking, all sports enthusiasts are very active on the Internet and social networks. The information they exchange there is a valuable source of tips for your predictions. E-Sports is in a constant state of flux, and all this can be read day by day on the Twitter feeds. All you have to do is subscribe to the accounts of major players and influencers to follow the news. These headliners bring together hundreds of thousands of followers. Here are 5 players to follow on different sports:

  • Martin Larsson aka Rekkles, for League of Legends.
  • Lukas Rossander, alias Gla1ve on CSGO
  • Daryl ” ICEICE ” Koh Pei Xiang on Dota 2
  • Tyle ” Ninja ” Blevins for Fortnite
  • Jay ” Sinatraa ” Won on Overwatch and now Valorant

More generally, you will find online, especially on Youtube, a lot of information and guides to follow and understand the world of eSports in depth. Numerous online magazines follow the news of eSports, and generalist channels have also started to follow the news, such as the channel ESport de l’Equipe, or Goog Game, the eSports media of Canal+.

ESport sports betting: our advice

In eSport, we are still at the very beginning! All the more reason to start early; you will learn faster than the others and won’t miss any episodes. Some good practices and techniques are already well documented by the specialists in eSport sports betting. Follow these tips to progress faster!

Play a game, or watch matches. As with any sport, knowledge of the game is essential. Playing helps a lot, but the best punters are not the best players. Watch the games of the pros and the reports made by relevant casters (commentators). You will learn just as much.

Experience in-play betting. This consists of betting while watching the matches. First of all, it is very enjoyable and exciting. Moreover, it will help you to discover new opportunities for winning bets, on different actions and bets.

Betting on several tournaments. Apart from the most famous tournaments, such as The International, the world final of Dota 2, hundreds of competitions are played all year round around the world. Smaller or less famous tournaments are no less interesting from a betting point of view. They are an additional source for finding interesting odds.

Better analysis of the matches

Apart from your own immersion in the sports, it is important to take advantage of your opponents’ chances. Here are some very useful methods of analysis for this:

Follow the shape of the teams. Last minute line-up changes, unavailability or return of a major player, negative buzz within a team… All these aspects influence the performance of players. So follow these hazards until the kick-off of the match.

Analyze teams and players. Understanding the forces at play is the basis of the prognosis. Rankings of teams and players, their recent performances, and previous opponents’ confrontations are useful data for this.

LAN or online? In online games, the speed of the internet can play a crucial role. The most professional and well-equipped teams have a small advantage. In LAN games, the teams are present in the same place, often in front of an audience. Will they be under pressure? Which side will the fans push from?

ESport event at the SSE Arena

And if you want to go even further, as a little bonus, here are 3 expert tips to manage your eSports betting like a pro. These require a little more bottle, but you’ll remember these tips from time to time!

Understand the phases of the season. A team that has already qualified for the playoffs will put less energy into a no-hassle end-of-season regular season match than a team that has to win to qualify. Championship, qualifications, final phases: try to understand the stakes and motivations.

Pay attention to the maps and tactics. ESport matches take place on several different maps. The teams adopt game tactics adapted to each topography. This can change the teams’ chances according to their style of play and fighting, which may be more collective or individualistic, more offensive or defensive.

Understand the positions. In most games, pro players specialise in a particular position. Toplaner, midlaner and others on League of Legends for example. Knowing these aspects can help to understand whether the champion of a team will be able to dominate his direct opponents in the game. The kind of info that is worth its weight in gold.

Last but not least, keep your eyes open when choosing your bookmaker. 👀 It would be a shame to spoil everything through the fault of an operator who is not up to the mark. Legality, a wide range of bets, attractive promotions, efficient customer service, ease of transactions… these are all essential assessment criteria. We have detailed all this in our analysis grid of the best operators offering a sports betting site.

ESport betting, virtual games, fantasy league: don’t confuse all of them.

In this 100% online universe, eSport is not the only mass phenomenon linking sports competitions, gambling, software and the web. So much so that it is sometimes confused with other forms of successful online gambling, which are nevertheless quite distinct from it. Here are 3 virtual gaming trends not to be confused with eSports.

Virtual games. Virtual games are simulations of classic sports competitions in football, tennis or other sports, carried out by software. The players and the matches are fictitious and the results are generated randomly. On sports betting sites, punters can bet on these matches according to the statistics provided by the software with the matches.

Fantasy league. Fantasy leagues are online competitions where competitors have a fictitious budget to put together a football or basketball team, in the manner of a club manager. The performance of their team is directly indexed to that of the players chosen in the real world, on each day of the championship.

Virtual and augmented reality. Some games allow players to immerse themselves in a virtual world with the help of a helmet or special glasses, or to generate fictitious objects on the screen, filming their immediate environment. These techniques are gradually being adopted by online gambling and eSport-type competitions are even beginning to be formed in Virtual Reality.


To conclude our complete tour of eSport betting, let’s underline that the French gaming community is far from lagging behind on this phenomenon. In terms of culture, the economy and ESport betting, France rhymes with consistency! The country has a solid anchoring at all levels of the game:

  • Video game industry developed by more than 400 companies.
  • Major studios such as Gameloft or Ubisoft (publisher of Rainbow 6).
  • 37 million players at least occasionally.
  • An audience of more than 7 million sports fans.

On the competitive side, with a dynamic associative structure, such as ESports. And our tricolours give the world’s best a run for their money! One can quote Sebastien Debs, alias, Ceb, double winner of The International on DOTA 2 or Lucas “DaXe” Spoon, world champion on FIFA 18. These talented players evolve within dynamic and structured teams, such as Team Vitality and PSG ESports.

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