ESport betting: all you need to win on electronic sports in 2021

ESport betting: all you need to win on electronic sports in 2021

A brand new discipline is offered to you at bookmakers: video game competitions! 🎮 Their dazzling success in recent years has spread to sports betting. 

What’s new in fantasy leagues?

Betting on eSport matches is only possible without real money bets. To bet with your euros, fantasy leagues offer a nice alternative. In these competitions, you create a virtual team, usually a football team, by composing its starting eleven among the players of a championship. Based on the real performances of the selected players on the fields, you then win your bets, and money!

In fantasy league, apart from the games presented for some time now by Winamax and PMU, we hope for something new from the other operators. Thus, the returns of ZEbet and its “House of Coach” game, of France-Pari with its “FP Manager”, and the announced arrival of VBET with its own fantasy league are expected. To discover the next fantasy leagues, here are three bookmakers to follow.

On our side, we will keep you up to date with the news of these sports betting sites. We will come back to update this page in due course. In the meantime, we wish you nice sports winnings!

Paris eSport: join the movement

In just over a decade, the kings of the virtual trigger on Counter Strike have gone from LAN failures in their student rooms to VIP parties from Paris to New York. In the meantime, hundreds of millions of fans around the world have started to follow their games live! And emblematic new video games, such as League of Legends, Fortnite or Dota 2, have enriched the competitions, watched live by a whole generation. More and more games, more matches… and more and more sports betting!

You can now bet on a large number of electronic sports. If you have your own sports betting habits, or are an eSport fan, you’re already halfway there! Our complete dossier on eSport will help you become a trigger-happy sports betting pro…in sports betting mode.

Sports betting, eSport: many points in common

Moving from the world of sports betting to the world of sports betting won’t take much time. When browsing a sports betting site, you will not be out of place by clicking on the “eSport” tab. Whether you’re talking about tennis, rugby or a virtual match on CS:GO, the most common bet is the same: to bet on the final winner of the match. Sports bet, eSport: same fight on that side! The similarities don’t stop at the main type of bet. In both electronic and classic sports, your sports betting site will offer you 3 main categories of bets:

  • Simple bet. You bet on the winner of the match. Concentrate on simple bets at the start, these are the easiest to understand and control.
  • Combined betting. You bet on several matches at the same time. To win your bet, the result of all the matches must match your predictions.
  • System bet. You bet on several games and partial combinations of results. This more expensive and complex bet allows you to win even if all the results are not as expected.

ESport: live betting and handicap betting to go further

There are two common variants of sports betting in ESport: live betting and handicap betting, both of which fit in perfectly with the battleground sauce (area or battlefield in video games). For example, live betting, or live betting, where you watch a match while betting on its outcome. In sports, LIVE matches take place on several boards at the same time:

  • The part of the video game itself, on the main screen
  • Professional eSport players with joysticks, who wield the characters
  • The commentators of the meeting and the fans if the meeting takes place in public
  • It’s a pretty amazing experience where your mind will be caught in several dimensions at once. 

With live betting, you add an extra dose of fun and excitement to all this, in total immersion mode. Especially as bookmakers are sharing the streaming of the matches and developing mobile applications so that they can do it all at the same time. From your sofa of course. We can’t stop progress!

Betting with a handicap also lends itself particularly well to eSport betting. For novices, the bookmaker integrates on these bets a difference in the score in favour of the presumed weakest opponent. This makes the result more uncertain and thus enhances the odds and the interest of betting on matches that are a priori very unbalanced.

ESport bet with handicap

Most eSport competitions are well suited to the eSport handicap betting format. Video game matches take place at the best of 3 or 5 rounds, with each round being played on a different card. These rounds are called maps. This corresponds to matches in 3 or 5 winning sets in tennis. In addition, on some short-format games, each set is divided into several rounds, called rounds. You have to win more than 15 of the 30 rounds in a Counter Strike map, for example.

The final difference in the score, in terms of number of maps and rounds, provides a good basis for handicap predictions. The 2019 final of the CS:GO championships, the Berlin StarLadder Major, 2019 is a good example. The final victory went to the legendary Astralis team, the logical favourite, on AVANGAR. But the magnitude of the victory, in two one-way races, 16-5 / 16-5, will have surprised more than one. And brought back a nice windfall to those who had bet on an Astralis victory despite a strong handicap.

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